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About Our Founder, Jennifer McCollum

Jennifer worked in a variety of clinical healthcare settings for over 20 years, ranging from the operating room overseeing surgery for pain management, to educating physicians, clinical staff, and patients about healthcare solutions. Yet throughout all of these experiences, she still hadn't found a niche that aligned with her heart.

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"I’ve never seen a therapy so applicable to such a variety of issues. Having a way to help people feel better, to educate them about body mechanics, all while providing rapid pain relief—this was what I'd been searching for in the medical industry for years."

In 2012, Jennifer spent a year researching and exploring a wide range of healthcare clinics. This led her into the field of massage therapy, where she spent time talking to therapists about what made their job rewarding (or not), and taking copious notes.


Finally in 2013, she decided to synthesize her research and experience by opening a massage therapy clinic in West Seattle, where she could combine the best of what she learned, and ensure her massage therapists were treated fairly, respectfully, with the best environment, equipment, and opportunities. 

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"They say you can tell the difference when food is cooked with love. I believe you can tell the difference when a massage is given with love:  it all starts with a therapist who receives the support, appreciation, and rewards they deserve."
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